Gardening is a familiar, enjoyable activity which can easily be created indoors. It offers a wide range of activities ranging from pure multisensory experiences including sounds, smells and flavours, to exploring the life of a plant from seed to being fully grown, how to plant and care for vegetables and flowers, how plants give us food and medicines.  

Create an allotment area using a paddling pool base, filled with fine, dry compost. Add to this small trowels, forks, sieves, watering cans and flowerpots. Include a variety of vegetables - carrots, potatoes, beans, cabbage, onions.  Herbs such as thyme, basil, sage, oregano add options for taste and smell. Baskets and trays can be used for collecting produce.

Introduce planting/growing by offering bowls of sunflower seeds and white beans. Explore the different sound/textural qualities of seeds and beans by pouring into different containers. Fill pots and bowls and roll them round, then plant them one by one into seed trays. W
Water with rainsticks to make them grow.  

Here are fun activities to complement the theme: Meet the flowerpot puppet who appears from a pile of pots. Play his flowerpot instrument and sing as you dig and gather the vegetables
...or perhaps a cowardly scarecrow visits the garden, hiding from the crows. He's come to play and greets each individual, assisting with tasks, dancing, making friends.   
For additional sensory experience, try adding a pond to the garden.

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