These pages aim to motivate, inspire and support those of you working in this field, from parents, carers and teachers to artists and other professionals. The ideas are presented in sections; props, themes, music, practical tools. Props pages describe the building blocks of the work, the resources we have found most useful. The Activities show how props can be used together  to create themed scenarios that will engage participants. The workshop links take you to actual sessions we have run at InnerSense, using activities together to outline a narrative. In this way it is possible to combine and develop ideas to create activities and/or narratives that will suit a variety of client groups and their needs. The key to any activity is providing multiple points of entry for people with a wide range of abilities, needs and likes. Here you will find lots of different, successful ideas that will encourage engagement, interaction, creativity, learning and development. 



Themed Workshops


Practical Advice

Click here for practical ideas and handy tips for creating, maintaining and resourcing a space that can be transformed with just a little imagination.