Space Blankets

These are an incredibly multisensory resource, easily found online, cheap and expendable if there are participants whose way of exploring something is by crumpling and tearing. They look amazing when they catch the light, particularly if lit by two or three different colours. For those who are sight/hearing impaired, they have a variety of sound and textural qualities that can be explored either in the space around them or using hands and feet. Space blankets come in silver or gold and can be used in a variety of ways.......

Create sets -  textured, visually arresting backgrounds, either smooth and shiny, crumpled and catching the light or stripped i.e. for a shower/waterfall.  

Enhance multisensory props - attached to the edge of clear umbrellas, this shimmering silver material sounds and looks like ribbons of rain falling around participants.  They can be cut up to make silver fish, wrapped around stones to make gold nuggets, glinting in the walls of a gold mine.

Encouraging movement - kept whole, these sheets can float, fall and ripple around the space. Held over people's heads, they encourage going under and around. Placed on the floor they can be stepped or stamped on to create sound rhythms, used to delineate a working space or simply to lie on, roll over or hide beneath.  

Space Blankets pdf