The experience of 'travelling', whether it be on a magic carpet, submarine, spaceship or fishing boat, is achieved by reinforcing participants' experiences with as many multisensory 'clues' as possible. Think of different modes of transport, sounds they might hear, what they should wear, characters they might meet on the way, the destination, what the weather's like on the journey. This way, travelling becomes an adventure in which people of all ages and levels of ability can participate. The use of projection to create surroundings adds a brilliant visual dynamic to the journey.  

On foot - (with backpacks, torches and snacks), create landscapes that offer multisensory 'hazards'; a stretchwrap river, cloth mountains or an icy tundra, where exploration of new and exciting terrains is encouraged and enjoyed and working together to succeed inspires cooperative activities and play.  

Boats - (sou’westers, rain ponchos and hats) can be made in a variety of ways; simply hang sails around the space with ropes and pulleys to give the feel of a sailing ship. Or make the prow of a ship with white plastic pipe or bamboo, depending on the type of craft. A spinning ship's wheel is a great favourite with participants. Add to this the sounds of a wind machine and ocean drums and you're off! Use hand and electric fans to create the feel of the wind and set the sails billowing in the breeze. There could be a storm - with timpani and SFX, look after each other until the storm dies away. Perhaps a hungry seagull puppet could appear and greet the travellers, or lead them on their way.  

Planes - (goggles, coveralls and flying hats) opportunity for pre-flight cooperation - building and fixing engines and propellers with all kinds of metallic and plastic props and instruments.   
Prepare for take - off, anticipation grows as the plane lifts into the sky. A message from the Captain perhaps, over the tannoy...add sound effects to create atmosphere.
Explore the feeling of flying/taking weight with hammock swings and rompa balls. Again use fans to create the feeling of air on your face and a wind machine to add sound.
Could have air crew offering drinks and snacks, or engine failure leading to a crash landing - whichever your participants will enjoy the most.  
Air balloon - Simply suspend a parachute over a hanging circular plastic table (or basket) gently weighted, so that it can rock and sway as the balloon lifts higher. Enjoy the journey - imagine the sights you might see below as you head towards your destination....don't fall out!  
Spaceships - (Space helmets, disposable white coveralls). These can be made using large sheets of thick polythene hung from the ceiling or stretched over gazebo/other frames, with viewing holes cut into them.   
Fill with switches, levers, sound pads and any other technology available. Make it an exciting tactile/sound space, an environment in which those with limited mobility but good IT skills could run the show! 
Use a microphone with effects to create a dialogue between mission control and the astronauts. Travel to the stars or maybe the moon or the surface of Mars. Each will inspire different kinds of landscapes to explore.  
Wherever you land should provide opportunities for multisensory exploration, as well as working together as a 'crew' - problem solving, sharing, being brave, having fun!

Submarine - (Flippers and goggles) Built using the same principles as for the spaceship, but this vehicle will have totally different sound qualities and views as it gently sinks down into dark blue waters. When divers emerge, the environment they find will be filled with beautiful fish and sea creatures, rather than aliens!  

Sledge - (Fur hats and fur blankets) The curved front of a sledge can be made with white plastic pipe tensioned into a curve with string. Set the chairs in twos, add blankets and bells and they're off. Sing a 'sledging' song as you go. Could use white hanging cloths to create a snow blizzard around the sledge, with wind sound effects or a wind machine to add atmosphere.  

Ghost Train - (High vis waistcoats and guards hats) a quirky one incorporating a roller coaster ride projection and UV lighting for the 'ghost' section. Could start in a station waiting room with bags, suitcases and a ticket inspector.  Again, white plumber's pipe can be used for creating the outline of a carriage with windows. Enjoy all the movement of a roller coaster ride before reaching your destination. UV ghosts (white netting over small polystyrene hoops attached by elastic to short bamboo rods) and skeletons appear to dance and play with participants.  

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