Everything that we do involves exploring, be it experiencing new sounds, textures, tastes, landscapes, other cultures, experiences/materials, reality or fantasy, concrete or abstract. All give opportunities for offering clients ways of accessing multisensory worlds of experience and creatively expressing themselves within them. When creating such exploratory environments, it is worth considering some key elements to the activity;  
HOW TO GET THERE  - making travel plans, looking at/making maps, buying tickets etc, travelling over land or sea, by climbing mountains, or crossing rivers, through a dark forest, or shifting mists, 

MODE OF TRANSPORT - on a boat, plane, sledge, spaceship, air balloon, submarine or on foot - all give opportunities for creating different experiences and modes of travel 

Think about specific costume/accessories - a straw sunhat for hotter climes, goggles and flippers for diving, a helmet for astronauts
Maybe pirate hats/scarves for sailors, furry hats for a snowscape. Keep it simple and easy to put on, like ponchos for a boat trip. (See costume)

THE DESTINATION - wherever you choose to go will inspire ideas for appropriate props and resources to include, for example, the surface of Mars might be a place to explore sand and rocks and strange creatures, a step back to a Saxon village would need grasses, fire and a simple shelter, at the bottom of the sea one might discover a coral reef and coloured fish, in Japan an Iris garden  

SOUNDS & MUSIC encountered in a particular place - this might involve sound effects, like the sea and seagulls, vocalising and songs, or specific sets of instruments i.e. gongs in Tibet, wooden instruments in a woodland glade, harps and lyres in Ireland... 

Meeting a character/puppet who might inhabit the environment enables communication and interaction in a variety of ways; being brave, caring for, feeding, dancing with, having fun!  

A focused, communal activity is good for drawing a group together, encouraging interaction and socialisation, such as working together to gather things. 
Perhaps preparing a meal, celebrating with dance,  or simply exploring the resources become part of the journey. 
JOURNEY'S END - often a good place for a 'chill', somewhere the group can relax together when they have achieved their goal; around a fire perhaps or lying under a starry sky.   

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